Campus Ministry

The Navigators of Ghana are present on many university and S.H.S campuses across the country. We are mainly involved in discipling the students and helping them grow in their walk with God while in school.

University Campuses present in: University of Ghana; KNUST; Ashesi University, Kumasi Technical University; and UCC.

SHS campuses present in: Achimota SHS; Prempeh College, Elite College – Kumasi, Kumasi High; Ejisuman Senior High School, etc.


Community Bible Studies

The Nav Neighbourhood or Community Bible Studies, as the name suggests, is a ministry held within the neighbourhoods. It is in the form of small group Bible studies that takes place regularly as scheduled and agreed upon by each group.

The idea of this ministry is to ensure there is an active Bible study group in every community where a person resides. This will provide an avenue to all who have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and have had contact with the Navigators outside one’s main setting or area of operation (e.g. High School, University, workplace and the Church) to meet for Bible discussions so that there is continuity in fellowship throughout the year. Another example is, the tertiary student will still belong to a community Bible studies with which he/she will fellowship when on vacations; thereby creating an avenue to all persons either to own or be part of a small group. In this sense, irrespective of one’s main ministry area such as transition ministry, women’s ministry or University Campus Ministry; one will still belong to a Community Bible Study group.

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Transition Ministry

Transition ministry is an area of the Ghana Navigators which aims to evangelise, equip and establish undergraduates just out of school by providing platforms and fora for mentorships, friendships and practical support through ‘boot’ camps, bible study groups and one-on-one visits to enable them transit and straddle the post-university life and ministry more intentionally with a healthy biblical perspective.


Church Discipleship

The mission of CDM is to partner with Church leaders to develop generations of disciples in everyday life – where they live and work. We partner with Pastors, Church Leaders and others in the Body of Christ to accomplish the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20). Partnering with Church leaders entails helping them to appreciate discipleship as Jesus demonstrated with The Twelve. Their understanding and cooperation is extremely vital in having an effective ministry within the Church context. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, discipleship training will build the vision, heart and skills for discipling others.


Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry is the backbone of the Ghana Navigators. As no ministry can thrive without a persistent and earnest backing of prayer, so the Ghana Navigators has found it necessary to make expectant faith and persevering prayer rooted in the rooted in the promises of God its main foundation and pillar. The main functions of this ministry is to coordinate prayer for the ministry work. This it does by collecting prayer requests from the various ministries and produce a prayer bulletin for use by all. Visit the events page to see what we have on our prayer list and events.



Women's Ministry

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