Our Victory Over Fear – March 2020

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What a time in history when the world embraces the unity to fight a common enemy. On the 27th March, during Lunchtime Vicinity Bible study and Prayer time at the St. George’s Cathedral, I spent time with nine workers as we shared about the current COVID-19 pandemic. We were studying on Assurance of God’s help in temptation. With so much information over the looming crises, fear seems to be the greatest temptation taking over their hearts. This was among the questions for discussion. “Some believers have met their death having believed God for His promises as overcomers, what can we say? In a moment there was silence. It seemed none had answers. Comforting words from the promises of God in Psalm 46 and 91 assured us of His faithfulness and victory in times of such temptation. We also discussed God’s sovereignty amidst his assuring Word.

We found answers from God’s Word we could do, to keep this temptation from leading us into sin.
Matthew 26:41 – Watch and pray
Psalm 119:9-11 – Living according to God’s word.
1 John 5:4-5 – To have faith to overcome the world.
Join us to pray

  1. That God would stop the spread of this Pandemic.
  2. For God to forgive the Sins of the Nations, heal and restore them.
  3. That faith in the promises of God will prevail in the face of fear and panic, especially among the elders.
    Your partnership with us is making it possible for us to reach people in their workplaces as we affirm and encourage them with the word of Truth.


From: Richard, Gina, and Rinnah

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