Serving With the Navigators in Cape Coast – January 2020

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Growing and Equipping Disciples for Christ!

Bill Hull wrote, “Only God orchestrates the call to be and make disciples and disciple-making can be accomplished only through the events and conditions that make up life. His glorious method is unpredictable, not smooth or symmetrical. It bursts forth in spasms of energy. It zigzags across the planet in disorganized patterns propelled by the passion of faithful disciples.”

Another semester has begun and I am excited to continue these life-changing weekly meetings with the six students God has given me according to His own wisdom and orchestration. I was happy to learn from my routine visit to them that each of the students was eager to grow spiritually this year. I encouraged each of them to turn this goal into an actionable set of plans and I committed to follow-up on them concerning those plans. I further admonished them all to make it a goal to read through the Bible this year. They are up for the challenge, each of them pursuing the goal at varying paces.

My personal goal is to partner with the Holy Spirit to build quality in these individuals as regards Christ-like character and the burden to labor for Him for a lifetime. I also look forward to a deeper friendship with each of them. Praise God with me for their openness to know Jesus more intimately. As you thank God with me, please pray with me:


-That God will strengthen them with great endurance so that they will be committed to reading through the entire Bible, having hearts that are willing to hear from the Holy Spirit.
-That God will reveal Himself to them in a personal and intimate way as they read the Bible each day.
-That they will grow in Christ-like character and spiritual maturity.
-That I will grow in deeper friendship and fellowship with each of them and they with one another.
-That the Holy Spirit will lead me as I minister to them so that I will to be sensitive to their needs and disciple them holistically.
-That they will become labourers of the Kingdom.


I believe that since these are the ones the Lord Jesus has given to me at this time, He surely has a plan to glorify Himself through their lives. This plan is bigger than me. I am humbled and truly grateful for your financial support and prayers which have enabled me to be part of this awesome plan. May the Lord God bless you richly. Amen.


From: Naa Amanuah, Cape Coast Ministry


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