The Navigators of Ghana are in UCC!


Have Questions about the Christian faith? Why don’t you meet with the Navigators of Ghana on UCC campus and start finding answers to these question?

Know More About Jesus Christ

The truth, nothing but the whole truth about Christ Jesus’ work of LOVE and GRACE and SALVATION for everyone who believes. It is easier to know this than you might have thought. It is even more exciting to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Come find out.

Grow In Your Relationship With Him

Intimacy between you and Jesus Christ is what He longs for and He is always ready, and knocking on your door, to help you grow with Him. This is a life-changing opportunity for you!!!

All This With One Biiiiiig Family

There is always a family here to fellowship with you, in ways that are fun and meet new People in Christ as you know, walk and grow with Him.

Get in touch with us.

Call Naa on 0240070181/0506107818/0266017073 (WhatsApp)


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