Youth Camp

The focus of this year’s Youth Camp is to delve deeper into the Gospel of Christ, and how this Gospel can transform our lives, our communities and the whole world.

How you can participate

1. Register Online

Sign up to be a participant of this year’s youth camp by completing your registration online. After you are done registering, you will receive an email confirming your place in this year’s youth camp.

2. Stream talks live

Various talks during the youth camp shall be streamed online. Links to the talks shall be made available for all particiants

Streaming times

Friday – 7:00-8:00PM

Saturday – 9:00-10:00AM

Sunday – 9:00-10:00AM

3. Join the interactive sessions

The interactive sessions will be hosted in small groups on zoom. Participants will discuss the various studies as well as be involved in other group activties.


The Gospel

What a year it has been already! Life under lockdown was not easy for most of us as it had meant making significant adjustments to the way we live and do things. But what we may term an interruption or disruption to our “normal” course of life may well be precisely what God planned for us. What if we paused to ask ourselves what the Master Planner of our lives and days and hourly moments wants for us in the situations we find ourselves rather than hurriedly move on to the next thing?

If we did, perhaps, our lives would take on a whole new meaning as, like Jesus, we would notice Blind Bartimaeus shouting our name for help or the dozen-year-haemorrhaging woman stretching for our attention, love and touch. Could Jesus be calling you into a new or renewed relationship with Him? Or could this be a time to reassess our lives and give more attention to what really matters such as our relationship with our family, spouses, friends, or neighbours?

This year, the Nav Youth Camp would be looking at The Gospel. This ends a five-year program dubbed Rooted in Christ, during which we have looked at the Word, Prayer, Grace, Pruning and Bearing Fruit. The goal of this year’s camp is for us to understand the Good News and Power that saves, transforms, and preserves. As we reflect on this over the coming weeks leading to the camp and beyond, we pray that you’ll be blessed and gain a renewed sense of hope as you navigate through life.

Free for all

We’ve been working to raise funds to make this year’s camp free for everyone. It’s the little we can do, given the times we’re in. This is made possible by the generosity of our members and donors. You can also help! Click on the link below to see how you can donate.

July 31 – August 2

Wherever you are


Sorry, registration has ended

Registered Particpants

How to donate

To support this virtual camp, kindly contact the administrator of the Navigators of Ghana or send your donations through our Mobile Money numbers. We are thankful for your support.

Three options for giving

0244481351 (Nii Ayi Mensah Ansah)
0243852116 (John K. Ansah)
0246672053 (Clara Kotir)

Dial *110#
Select Buy Goods
Then Enter Navigators Till no. 932754

0270377070 (Navigators Ghana)


-Download the Chango App
-Go to the balance section
-Go to contribute
-Click on the + sign
-Make contribution
-Authorize payment by entering your pin

Android app download

iOS app download

Bank Name: Ecobank
Account Name: Ghana Navigators
Account Number: 1441000559338

Branch: Head Office, Accra

Kindly call immediately you transfer funds into the account for a follow up.

Please reach out to any of the following office staff when you need further information:
Nii Ayi- 0244481351
Clara- 0246672053
John K- 0243852116

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is the camp theme?
The Theme for this year’s camp is The Gospel.

2. When is Camp this year?
This year camp takes place from 31st July to 2nd August

3. What is the camp song?
This year’s Camp Song is Gospel by Ryan Stevenson. Also the hymn Amazing Grace will be sung throughout the camp.

4. What is the camp verse?
The Camp Verse is Colossians 1:6 from the New Living Translation (NLT).

5. Would the virtual camp be as exciting as the conventional camp?
Although nothing can replace the joy and excitement of the traditional residential camp, this year’s first-ever virtual camp tries to come as close as possible. We have invested time, physical resources and prayer in bringing the camp experience to you wherever you may find yourself.

6. How much money must I pay to join the camp?
Camp is absolutely FREE this year.
That notwithstanding, we are receiving donations to defray costs. We would be happy to receive your donation in support of camp this year

7. How do I donate toward the camp?
There are three ways you can donate to the camp. Details may be found here:
Please use the reference: Youth Camp

8. What must I do participate in the camp?
First you should register for camp on our website – You will receive an email with camp materials. Be ready mentally and physically to participate from the 31st of July to 2nd August.

9. I’m having issues with registration. What do I do?
Waste no time! Contact the registration team as quickly as possible. You can reach us via email or WhatsApp or SMS message to +233 27 037 7070

10. The internet connectivity in my area is poor. How can I join?
Sessions will be made available on variety of platforms including Podcasts. You may choose to listen instead of watch if your connection is poor.

11. I hear there is such a thing as TMS review during camp. What is that?
The Topical Memory System or TMS is a Bible Memory System to help you get started on building a lifelong habit of Bible memorization. TMS consists of a pack of 60 verses themed on foundational principles for a walk of daily discipleship. Each year at camp a TMS Champ is sought and awarded. It could be you this year! The references to the list of verses in the TMS can be found here:
You may purchase a regular TMS pack at The Navigators House at Dzorwulu, Accra.

12. What activities should I expect at camp?
The Virtual Camp will have most of the usual camp activities: Time with God, Sharing, Talks, Bible Studies and Fun Activities, albeit in a virtual format. To enjoy and benefit fully, you should participate fully.

13. How will I participate in the sessions during the camp?
The whole camp is hosted online this year. Sessions will be on various internet platforms, such as YouTube, Zoom and Podcasts.

14. What do I need to participate in sessions?
You will need a phone, tablet or computer to join or stream sessions. Most importantly you will need YOU, your bible, notebook and pen.

15. I do not have access to a smartphone, tablet or computer. How do I participate?
Kindly contact the Youth Camp Team for assistance. Use the contacts provided in question #9.

16. What time do sessions begin and end?
The earliest session, Time with God, begins at 6am GMT. All sessions will end by 19.00 GMT. However, individual discussion groups may arrange to continue discussions outside these times.

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